V Litter

Adda had her pups from Quade II vom Jadgkönig and they were born yesterday June 25th.

   Quade is a very calm dog and lives in subdivision with people walking dogs up and down the street and all were well greeted by Quade on their way past. Quade ran out and sniffed noses with the dogs and then got petted by the people, and calmly returned to the yard. I have been around Quade's father Kipper many times and liked Kipper a lot. Kipper was owned by my good friend Paul Cunningham. Kipper was the father of my H litter and they were some really nice hunting dogs. The remaining pups have nice tight hard coats and beards.

   Adda has produced some really high testing dogs from her past litters. This spring one dog that ran a HZP last year at 10 1/2 months old and earned a 186 pts, was tested and  ran her VJP this spring and received a 72 pts. A pup out of Adda this spring received 78Pts. and another 73pts, and a male 68 pts all at 10 months old. These pups should be early starters that have high prey drive yet turn it down at home. 

   Adda is a very nice and friendly female. She loves the attention of the grandchildren and people. Adda is also a high drive dog that is strong in the field with a nice pointing instincts and search. In the water she is very powerful with a tremendous search and no quit in her. Her pups from the previous litters are showing the same qualities that she has and are coming in with great scores. Coats are tight and hard and dense and the form is showing nicely in the pups that are testng. I am as a breeder very happy with her offspring.

  Both dogs are also very good in the water. They both live in the house and are very calm and enjoyable to be around.

  These 2 females are available. 

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